Members' Meeting: November 8, 2017:

A program on framing was presented by Carol, Kathleen, Sheryl and  MarciaThere were a number of hand-outs, which you can access below. Just click on the links!

Next Members' Meeting scheduled for Wednesday,  March 14th, from 6:30-8:30 p.m. at

West Allis City Hall, 7525 West Greenfield.

Members are asked to bring several paintings for a peer critique in anticipation of

our Exhibit in April at the Art Bar. Also bring your questions!

Darron demonstrates values.

Julia shows some experiments using ink and patterning.

                                                                    Members brought in work to be

                                                                     critiqued by internationally-

                                                                     renowned pastel artist 

                                                                     Colette Odya-Smith -

                                                                    an opportunity not to be missed!

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Carol shows her latest fun tryouts and 'what-ifs'.


We had a great meeting on Wednesday, and a fabulous critique facilitated by Professor Bill Chandler. Bill thoughtfully commented on 11 pieces by 10 of our members. Members who brought in works included:

Jan Kruk, Donna Staats, Chris Behrs, Carol Chapman, Judy Grochowski,

Marcia Gorra-Patek, Sherry Zirbes, KathleenKamin, Darron Lillian, Jan Kruk

and through remote skype, the last two are by Cynthia Dirtzu.

It is great to see the work in process and  completed, and have a

chance to talk about it with each other as well as the response from Bill.


Members' Meeting, Wednesday, November 9, 2016:

​​​Great meeting last night with Wisconsin Pastel Artists

in West Allis.

Thank you Roberta C. for showing and commenting

on the recent Pastel Society of America's

show in Gramercy Park, NYC.

Cheryl demonstrates a new drawing app.

Marcia talks about thumbnail sketches & line.

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​Members' Meeting: January 10, 2018:

​This meeting focused on 'New for the New Year' - various members presented their latest ideas, experiments, new techniques, new materials, possibilities tried that didn't work, and just messy creative activity!

The WPA had a very interesting, informativeMembers' Meeting on September 13, 2017.  Vice President Marcia Gorra-Patek reviewed the workshop presented by Rita Kirkman that Marcia and a number of other WPA members attended in July.  Some great tips and ideas about different product uses!

​​MAY 11, 2016 MEETING:

A well attended meeting tonight with enthusiastic questions for our

guest, Jeff Townsend, from Tory Folliard Gallery. Jeff spoke about

Gallery/Artist relationships, the business of gallery representation,

expectations that galleries and artists may have, building

your CV, and many other specific aspects about this part of the

art world. Thank you, Jeff!

Pictured here are Jeff Townsend, and Marcia Gorra-Patek,

Vice President of the WPA.