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Putting up the show!

OUR FALL, 2018 EXHIBIT:  "Unwilling Adjustment

is at the Gallery of Wisconsin Art, 

303 Water St., West Bend, Wisconsin: 

​​from ​Saturday, November 3-Friday through December 28.


  • Opening Reception was Saturday, November 3rd from 4:00-7:00 pm.
  • Final pick-up is either Saturday, December 29th, or  Wednesday, January 2nd.

Thank you, Gallery of Wisconsin Art, for hosting our Fall exhibit.  And a big thank-you to Dani Marino Graf, for acting as judge - not an easy job!

Here are the award winners:

Best of Show​: "In the

Valley" by Colette

Odya Smith,

on the left with

Dani Graf.

First Place​: "Koi Ripples III"

by Denise Presnel,


Second Place​: "In Utah,

the Clouds Always Scud"

by Roberta Condon,


                                             Third Place​:  "Driftless Dawn"

                                               by Chris Zylka.

Artists' Choice Award: to Cynthia Dirtzu

​for "Water, Fire, Earth and Sky."

And Honorable Mentions went to:

  Nancy Armitage for "Winter Blues"

  Karen Brittain for "Hero"

  Cynthia Dirtzu for "Waiting for Spring"

  Susan Klabak for "Snowy Lane"

  Darron Lillian for "Center Drive"

  Suzanne Manthe for "Along the Way"

  Julia Pagenkopf for "The Forest Speak"

  Mac Schueppert for "A View of Snake Island"