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Second Place​: "In Utah, the Clouds Always Scud" by Roberta Condon, left.

Best of Show​: "In the Valley" by Colette Odya Smith, on the left with Judge Dani Graf.​

Third Place​:  "Driftless Dawn"  by Chris Zylka.

Putting up the show!

Of "The Forest Speaks," Julia Pagenkopf said the inspiration came from a meadow in Door County on a late afternoon day in the spring. The light seemed to perfectly center on the meadow behind the trees, which seemed to be whispering to each other.

OUR FALL, 2018 EXHIBIT:  "Unwilling Adjustment

was at the Gallery of Wisconsin Art, 

303 Water St., West Bend, Wisconsin: 

​​from ​Saturday, November 3-Friday through December 28.



Susan Klabak said: "The subject of the painting "Snowy Lane" is the driveway leading to my home. It depicts one of those beautiful winter days after a heavy snowfall and is  symbolic of the way I like to see the world, that there is always light at the end of the tunnel.

Thank you, Gallery of Wisconsin Art, for hosting our Fall exhibit.  And a big thank-you to Dani Marino Graf, for acting as judge - not an easy job!

Here are the award winners:


First Place​: "Koi Ripples III" by Denise Presnell, right.

And Honorable Mentions went to:

  Nancy Armitage for "Winter Blues"

  Karen Brittain for "Hero"

  Cynthia Dirtzu for "Waiting for Spring"

  •   Susan Klabak for "Snowy Lane"

  Darron Lillian for "Center Drive"

  Suzanne Manthe for "Along the Way"

  •   Julia Pagenkopf for "The Forest Speaks"

  Mac Schueppert for "A View of Snake Island"



Artists' Choice Award: to Cynthia Dirtzu ​for "Water, Fire, Earth and Sky."

  • "Snowy Lane" and "The Forest Speaks" were both sold at the show!