​Suzanne Manthe, "High Summer"

Bonnie Bruch, "Up North"

Colette Odya Smith, "The Secret Door"

Cynthia Dirtzu, "Thunderstorm"

Susan Klabak, "The Skies Declare His Majesty"

Chris Behrs, "Untitled #2"

​Bonnie Bruch, "The Bullies"

Debbie Callahan, "Redhead"

Rita Burnap, "Sunflowers on a Windy Day"

Julia Pagenkopf, "Birches at Olbrich"

​Debbie Callahan, "Bride"

Cynthia Dirtzu, "Food Fight"

Denise Presnell, "Watermarks with Leaves"

Michelle Murphy, "Marbles #1"

Michelle Murphy, "Marbles #2"

Marcia Gorra Patek, "Twisted"

Mac Schueppert, "Wetland Reflections"

Jan Kruk, "Future Tourist Attraction"

​Judy Grochowski, "Cafe Respite"

Susan Klabak, "Tracks"

Karen Brittain, "Untitled"

Denise Presnell, "Rock and Flow - revisited"

Judy Grochowski, "Morning Pair"

Mac Schueppert, "The Road to Copper Harbor"

Marcia Gorra Patek, "Inspired"


​Chris Behrs, "Untitled #1"

Mac Schueppert, "Cafe Conversation"

Karen Brittain, "Ruth"

Rita Burnap, "Gourmet Still Life"

Colette Odya Smith, "Legacy"

Julia Pagenkopf, "Last Snow in Acadia"

​Suzanne Manthe, "Passing Summer"

​Jan Kruk, "Birds"

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