Members' Meeting: November 14, 2018:

​As the last meeting of the year, members brought in what they had been working on during the late summer and fall. The examples included work that had been exhibited, plein air paintings, experimental work, and work completed with new materials.

Members' Meeting: November 8, 2017:

A program on framing was presented by Carol, Kathleen, Sheryl and  MarciaThere were a number of hand-outs, which you can access below. Just click on the links!

She concluded by saying: "The best thing an artist can do is to take some sort of action. Any action to improve their business. Having a business plan keeps you on task. Artists are business people and a very important part of our culture and economy."

Members' Meeting: January 11, 2020:

The WPA welcomed artist Mark Price for a demonstration: "This was an awesome presentation!!! We had loads of fun, and learned a bunch!"  Here are some images of the work produced that night ---

Julia shows some experiments using ink and patterning.

Members' Meeting: January 10, 2018:

​This meeting focused on 'New for the New Year' - various members presented their latest ideas, experiments, new techniques, new materials, possibilities tried that didn't work, and just messy creative activity!

Debbie Callahan and Marcia Hero explained their process for protecting pastel paintings without glass.

Members' Meeting: March 11, 2020:

The WPA had a wonderful Members' meeting on March 11, 2020 with a presentation on "The Business of Art" by Pamela Anderson.  Pamela gave us invaluable advice and numerous tips on the business of selling our work and making a success of our life as an artist.  She talked about marketing and using social media, pricing, creating your own website, and developing a business plan. 

In an email to members after the meeting, Pamela said: "Thank you again for inviting me to speak. It is always great to speak to artists looking to enhance their practice, their art. I do business workshops, as does MARN and recommend they watch the MARN calendar for upcoming panel discussions, workshops, etc. Also a great place to sign up for art opportunities." (MARN=Milwaukee Artist Resource Network:

Darron demonstrates values.

The ​Pamela Anderson Studio + Gallery is located in The Marshall Building at 207 E. Buffalo, 6th Floor, Suite 210.

And check out her beautiful work on her website:

And explore resources she suggested on our Members' resources page.

Member's Meeting: September 12, 2018:​​



Bill Holaday explained his approach to capturing an image and the recent events at which he exhibited.

Carol shows her latest fun tryouts and 'what-ifs'.

Marcia talks about thumbnail sketches & line.

Next Members' Meeting scheduled for Wednesday, September 9th, 2020 

at 6:30 pm.  The meeting will include a 'virtual' critique of your paintings by Pamela Anderson, the well-known Milwaukee artist who gave us such good business advice at our March meeting.

Members brought their work in for a critique by Alan Thompson-Wallace, artist and owner of a gallery in the Marshall Building in downtown Milwaukee.

Marcia Gorra-Patek demonstrated some new materials she has been working with.

Here is more info from Mark's website: 

"Mark uses materials that have been available sense early man and equipment introduced centuries ago along with new techniques, attitude and an intimate connection to nature to turn pastel paintings into works of art.  

He loves getting out into the great outdoors to paint plein air and capture first-hand the environmental mood, light and character of the location. A great example of his work is seen in the complex and concrete shapes of structures and dramatic landscapes allowing for strong contrasts of light and shadow. 

Mark’s travels to Havana, Cuba took his creative spark a higher level altogether.  This trip left him with a large portfolio of urban landscape material to draw from for years to come. Mark will often sit on a reference photo or idea, working until the right materials and textures come together in his creative process." 

Artist Email:

Cheryl demonstrates a new drawing app.

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